Saturday, May 30

How To: Download Videos From Indishare Server

Hi, Guys this is anony. Today we will discuss the popular way of download videos from the Indishare server. This tutorial helps you find out the way of download. server is a popular file-sharing site. And a2movies team used for host videos below 2GB file size. Without wasting time let’s go to the tutorial. (Following below step if you are facing any pop-up ad issue, Close pop-up ads window or hide and turn back to the old page).

Step – 1: and select movies (We already discussed in the previous article this method) and select size which you want.

Step – 2:

Scroll Down and Choose the Download Server ( You need to try Server 1, 2, 3 respectively)

Step – 3:

You are now Indishare server, now scroll down and click “Create Download Link” button.

Step – 4:

Finally, you are on the last page of the server. Click the “Click Here To Download” button and download the video.

Happy Downloading…..


Watch this Tutor: 

This video helps you download files from step by step in all browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, UC Browsers, etc…

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